The 5 Element Institute partners with hospitals to provide evidence-based Pain Management Acupuncture treatment by our pre-credentialed team of hospitalist acupuncture specialists. This partnership enables hospitals to fulfill new clinical guidelines and accreditation requirements to include acupuncture in their pain management and oncology practices.

The American College of Physicians has recently adopted recommendations for doctors to refer pain management patients for acupuncture before prescribing them pain medications. The Joint Commission has recently mandated that hospitals provide non-pharmacological therapies including acupuncture for pain management as a scorable element of re-accreditation. The American College of Surgeons’ Commission on Cancer has recently adopted the American Society of Clinical Oncology’s recommendations that acupuncture be provided in their Survivorship Care Plan for their cancer patients who have musculo-skeletal pain or neuropathic pain.

These new hospital requirements are based on the large body of evidence showing acupuncture to be effective in treating many different health conditions, especially in management of pain conditions and management of cancer treatment symptoms. Integrating acupuncture into conventional hospital practice improves patient outcomes, thus increasing patient satisfaction.


Evidence-based Acupuncture

Evidence-based healthcare practice was first defined by David Sackett MD and his colleagues as “the integration of best Research Evidence with Clinical Expertise and Patient Values“ back in the 1990’s. This sums up our patient-centered values at the 5 Element Institute in Jacksonville, Florida. As the Founder/Director of the Institute since 2010, Michael Kowalski A.P.,Dipl.Ac.(NCCAOM) has the most acupuncture clinical and teaching experience in our region. As acupuncture researchers, our team keeps current with the latest research that proves which acupuncture points work best for specific health conditions. As holistic healers, we always consider our patient’s personal needs and values first with every treatment we provide.

Our clinical expertise in Five Element acupuncture, TCM, and other traditional styles of acupuncture allows us to heal patients at a deep level – in body, mind, and spirit. Five Element Acupuncture diagnoses and treats the root cause of each person’s energy imbalance. Rather than just relieve symptoms with a fixed set of acupuncture points treated at each session, Five Element acupuncture adapts a selection of acupuncture points that are different for each treatment session for each individual patient. It is based on the changing needs of the patient throughout their healing process. This dynamic model of treatment allows a patient to heal faster as a whole and to hold the benefits of their treatments longer.

As Evidence-Based acupuncturists, we merge this traditional, individualized, root-cause approach with the acupuncture points proven by scientific research to be most effective for whichever health condition our patients are seeking a solution. This integrated approach is called “Treating Root and Branch.” Imagine yourself for a moment as a grand tree. Imagine whatever symptom you have as a diseased branch of the tree. By understanding that the branch is sick for a reason, you can imagine the need to treat the tree by its roots – to make the tree healthy and whole again. By addressing the diseased branch directly, the branch heals most quickly and effectively. By combining Root and Branch acupuncture techniques, our patients get the best results possible.


Hospitalist Acupuncture (HA) is an innovative Integrative Medicine solution to add value to the hospital outpatient while reducing costs. HA programs have been established in progressive hospitals and leading cancer centers across the United States. For information on the value of HA, CLICK HERE.

In our HA program, our pre-credentialed hospitalist acupuncturists work together with hospital physicians, nurses and allied hospital staff in a team approach to yield better patient’s outcomes, leading to improved patient satisfaction. For hospital administrators and physicians interested in learning more about this innovative addition to our conventional health care model, CLICK HERE.

Our Institute faculty, led by Michael Kowalski A.P., all have clinical expertise in specialized fields of evidence-based acupuncture practice. These specialized methods have unique applications in the fields of pain management and cancer treatment. One significant development in HA is in the field of integrative cancer treatment. Peer reviewed studies have been conducted on the efficacy of acupuncture in the treatment of side effects of chemotherapy. For more information, CLICK HERE.

As part of the Institute’s pre-credentialing process, our team of hospitalist acupuncturists are required to complete a certificate course in this uniquely effective evidence-based Pain Management Acupuncture for the hospital pain management practice. Likewise for the hospitals’s oncology program, the Institute requires our hospitalist acupuncturists to complete our specialized certificate course in Oncology Acupuncture.


The faculty of the 5 Element Institute have all been credentialed by the Institute, as well as other credentialing bodies. They specialize in traditional styles of patient-centered acupuncture treatment with broad applications, including Five Element Acupuncture.

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