Since the 5 Element Institute was founded in 2010, we have become a leader in changing the healthcare industry. Our mission is to build an inter-professional bridge between the acupuncture and conventional medical communities. We accomplish this by providing evidence-based treatment, cutting edge research support and continuing educational programs, always encouraging collaborative and integrative clinical practices. This approach enhances the patient experience, improves health outcomes, and lowers healthcare costs. We are not only interested in healthcare, but in well care. Our focus is on improving our patients’ overall health through a preventive and collaborative care model.  We believe the future of healthcare and wellness-based care lies in an integrative approach, and we take great pride in leading the way.

Led by Founder/Director Michael Kowalski A.P., Dipl. Ac. (NCCAOM) and our expert credentialed Acupuncture Research Faculty, the 5 Element Institute is committed to quality research in the field of acupuncture. Our goal is to further our understanding of how best to integrate acupuncture into the conventional medical system. The Institute is proud to announce that the ground-breaking study on “The Effectiveness and Cost Effectiveness of Acupuncture for Chronic Neck Pain: A Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial” is underway. This clinical trial is a collaboration between the 5 Element Institute, Naval Hospital Jacksonville, and Utica University. This study will investigate not only how effective acupuncture is for neck pain, but whether it is cost-effective for insurers to cover acupuncture for this condition. Study participants are being accepted from the Naval Hospital and from VA clinics in the Jacksonville area. 

Previous research efforts at the Institute have focused on acupuncture for cancer patients, where Director Michael Kowalski A.P. provided acupuncture in Mayo Clinic’s Breast Center as part of their successful pilot Integrative Medicine program. Acupuncture has proven to effectively manage specific symptoms of chemotherapy and radiation, thus providing better health outcomes and patient satisfaction ratings.

Further acupuncture research projects are in the works as the 5 Element Institute is seeking to collaborate with new research partners who are committed to integrity-driven studies. We provide experienced and highly qualified Acupuncture Research Faculty, interested in advancing our knowledge of acupuncture as an effective and complementary therapy, to inform the medical and health insurance communities.